JM audio J&M ROKKER® XXR 6.71” Rear-Pod/Lower-Fairing Speaker Kit w/H-Output Grill Mounted Tweeters 2014-2016 Harley® Ultra/Ltd

Brand: JM audio , Category: Audio


J&M's NEW ROKKER XXR series 6.71" speakers have been designed as exact size component/replacements for the stock 6.5" Harley rear trunk-pod or lower-fairing speakers as installed on the 2014-2016 Harley Ultra or Ultra Ltd. (NOT applicable for liquid-cooled lower-fairings)

Spec'd at 2 ohms impedance and an impressive 300 watts maximum input (175w RMS - 91db sensitivity), these speakers provide the ultimate in raw audio power and include the new custom grills with built-in high-output tweeters.

Features of this new ROKKER XXR series speaker kit from J&M are:

* Lightweight waterproof one-piece woven-fiber driver cone with super-rigid metal basket design.

* High-density lite-weight Neodymium magnet structure, specially coated to maintain flux-strength integrity even at extreme operating temperatures.

* High efficiency VENTED voice-coil for improved cooling when operating at high volume levels for extended periods.

* Custom speaker grills with high-output tweeters for crystal clear sound at highway speeds.

Mounting hole pattern and spade electrical connections are exactly the same as the factory specification, this is a total plug-and-play no-modification solution complete with easy to follow installation instructions.

These are THE most powerful speakers you can buy for your Harley and they will perform extremely well when used with a medium to high-powered accessory amplifier.